ESP-EYE on Node-RED?

Excuse me, can anyone help me?

I want to make a project using ESP-EYE, is there a library on node-red so I can take pictures of ESP-EYE?

Thanks Before

Not a library as such what I know but have you tried to make a search here on the forum? I used the ESP-EYE myself as an ip-camera. I think there is a topic somewhere describing this

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I use ESP-EYE for the ip-camera, on node-red I want to be able to capture images from the ESP-EYE which will later be sent to Azure, how do I do that?

Hi Muhamad,
I don't have an esp-eye, but I 'think' you can do it like described in this page (see "Time-lapse Capture via Javascript"):

  1. Download and copy that script on your device.
  2. Reboot your device and the the script will start a webserver.
  3. Add a http-request node to get a jpeg image
    (Via http://<ip_address_of_your_device/capture) from that webserver, running on your device.

I am using ffmpeg with an exec node to capture stills from my Motion based cameras. Maybe you can adopt some of this.

Oke thanks i will try it

Thanks you @kuema for your answer

If you ever get it running, it would be nice to describe your steps here in detail to help other users. Thanks!

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