Npm error - mobius-flow-base, Tasmota, EnOcean PTM215B

I'm completly new to nodered, but my goal is ambitious.

I have several Sonoff devices in my flat (basic, pow, 1-gang, 2-gang, 4ch, S20).
For the beginning I flashed Tasmoty on a Sonoff basic. Looks like it's running more stable any way faster than the original firmware.

And I have an EnOcean PTM215B self-powered bluetooth switch right here, I wanted to use with NodeRed and the Tasmota devices. This one:

Well, what I need to do is:

  1. enable NodeRed autostart (as crontab or something other). I'm sure there's an easy way for this - any tutorials welcome :wink:

  2. install all dependencies for

  3. install
    -my bluetooth dongle

root@nanopineo:~# lsusb
Bus 008 Device 002: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)

  1. connect a tasmotified defvice to NodeRed (there seem to be several tutorials - so after installing all the dependencies, I'll try this myself, first, before asking another question ;)).

While I'm working on the EnOcean-, and Tasmota-support, I got those errors/warnings:

(screenshot of my terminal)

As I'm new to NodeRed and not really a linux user, I wonder how to get things up and running right.

What can I do now?

Here is the info for the EnOcean-part:

Here we go for the Tasmota-part:

Welcome to the forum!

  1. from

Autostart on boot

If you want Node-RED to run when the Pi is turned on, or re-booted, you can enable the service to autostart by running the command:

sudo systemctl enable nodered.service
  1. install your tasmota devices and the Enocean / bluetooth button seperately. However I had problems with the enocean node and the tasmota node at the same time. see Tasmota node not working after Tasmota 8.30 firmware update?
    Finally I used the tasmota plugs via MQTT and could use a Enocean based Hoppe door handle with my Enocean USB 300 stick and the enocean node.

I do not understand if that PTM 215B uses Enocean or bluetooth or both and whether it can be integrated in Node-RED at all.

Your screenshots indicate, that you may be not in the right directory when installing the additional nodes. If you installed Node-RED with the script from, you should change the directory to ~/.node-red, before you start npm install ...

you should change the directory to ~/.node-red, before you start npm install ...

To eliminate more issues: use the gui, hamburger menu > manage palette > install tab > search the node > install.

You are right, but until now I had system language = German, and did not know, how the menu structure was in english. I just switched to english :blush:

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