Npm warn to unsupported /not compatible version during installation

Dear Sir, who may concern,
I am trying to install node-red on my Ubuntu 22 after nodejs of latest version is installed, but encounter below warn:

How to fix it?

upgrade nodejs to v14 or greater.

Better still, use the official installer with --node16 on the end.

also if you have n or nvm installed, remove them.

Thanks for your reply, but it can be seen in my picture that the nodejs version is already V19.3.0.

Yes, I see that however npm has reported itself and node as v10 & v6 suggesting you are using n or nvm

Dont use odd numbered versions of node (they are not LTS releases and are not supported)

I currently recommend version 16LTS of nodejs

That says it is v10.19.0
Somehow you have multiple versions installed. You need to sort that out.

Thx!~ I just re-install node-js by git and make install, so far so good

That really isn't the best way to install nodejs.

True, but version from apt is too low, and npm cause warning to node-red installation

That is why @Steve-Mcl suggested that you use the official node red installer which can upgrade nodejs at the same time.

Did you work out how you had two versions of nodejs installed at the same time?

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