Obfuscation of Javascript with a HTML Page

Hi All,
I have a website using nodered behind the scene.

I would like to obfuscate the javascript within the HTML pages.

I have been trying to get node-red-contrib-obfuscator working but it is not documented.

Has anyone had any luck with node-red-contrib-obfuscator or is there a better way.

All the Best

Can't comment on that node. But if using uibuilder, you can use standard web workflows such as Gulp.

Thank you for the quick response.
I have the website up and running working quite well.
It is really more about the obfuscation of javascript with in webpage. I may need to have to create a custom node to do this but would rather not, if a solution already exists.

Thanks again.

All the Best

How is the page JavaScript created? Are you using template nodes to provide the JavaScript? If yes, then just obfuscate the JS before delivering it?

In short, provide more info about your setup and we can better assist.

Hi Steve,

Yes exactly the javascript is embedded with in a html page served by a template node.

Yes I am trying to see if there is a way to obfuscate the JS within before sending.

I can do it in a number of ways but I am asking if there is a standard mechanism or specific node I could use?

All the Best

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