Object manipulation

This will be a no-brainer for 99% of people but I am lost at the moment. Simple task.

Via MQTT I get messages from a program (p4d). I receive them and have them converted to JSON. All messages have properties:


I want to store this in Influx with the measurement being "name" (Heizungsstatus) and the value being the value (19). I believe the msg.property I have to feed to influx out is


How do I manipulate the msg properly? And of course I would need this to be dynamic and work with all combinations for name/value. I would love to filter these then later on to only allow certain names/measurements only...

I guess you mean you want to use the payload name as a key and the value property as its value?

In a function node:

msg.payload = {
   [msg.payload.name]: msg.payload.value
return msg

Possible via change node too with and without JSONata

Sometimes things are so simple. Thanks so much!

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