Obtain payload data

I'm having trouble getting data from my payload, but specifically I want just a few pieces of data


I just want the value of 18 which is subject to change after a certain period of time or maybe the next, at some point this data will become more data and more, and I would like to know how to extract it.

Your data is an array with 5 elements, each one of which is a comma separated string with "18" at the beginning.

So from this data do you just want the value 18, the string "18", an array ["18", "18", "18", "18", "18"], etc?

the easiest way to integrate data into a chart

Are those 5 values for different times? If not then how do you want the chart to appear?

What generates that odd arrangement of data? Where does it come from and do you do any post processing to make it that format?

That looks like a CSV file split into lines -- if you knew what headers went with each column, you could just pass it to the csv node and get a payload object with fields for every value.

That data comes out of my google sheet and is saved to my drive. The data is saved in a single column.

Well yes it would be a csv since I am using googlesheet and all the data is saved in a single column and separated by commas.

For sending and data acquisition I use this library:

These values were obtained every two seconds and for the distribution of the chart I want the first value to be related to temperature 1, then the others would be a replica of other different sensors. What I plan is to plot data for about a week and the easiest way to save them in google sheet. I am using flow fuse which is the node-red but on the internet. I use this library to communicate with my Google sheet:

Seems like google sheets would be better used to hold each piece of data in its own cell -- not all in one column as a comma-delimited string... just sayin'

I think the same thing, but maybe it is the pre-sending of data in my case I am sending it directly from an html and maybe that is the problem in the first instance.
In the image 1 are the data to send to the google sheet and so are sent, where I then process them with the CSV function to send all the data (image 2) because I did not let me send them all.




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