Octopus Agile Price

I would like to bring the current Agile price in to Node Red can anyone point me in the right direction.


Have you looked at the Our open API for cheaper, greener, energy | Octopus Energy and the api details?

From what I can see it's a curl command so the http request node would be my starting point.

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Ok I’ll do some research all very new to me thanks

Search the forum for Octopus, I think there have been other posts that may be helpful. Also there are a number of hits on the node-red flows site Library - Node-RED

Thanks I’ve looked at those but it’s above my knowledge level. I’m sure it’s very simple but I couldn’t work out how to get what I want from them. I can display a chart of the costs in the ui but can’t figure out how to get the current figure to trigger a flow when it drops below a certain level.

Which part can't you do?
Get the current figure or trigger a flow when it drops below a level?

If the former, feed what you are getting from the http node that fetches the data into a debug node and show us what you get.