Transfer energy prices from API to Node-red to Grafana (European Commission Infrastructure Forum)


I was wondering if anyone could help me set up a graph of Day-ahed prices. I have influxdb, grafana running, and node-red. I primary need help with configure the url to get a correct xml file to node-red.

Day ahed prices in Norway

Here is the API guide entsoe api

I guess it would be useful to others as well, the site covers many countries.

I don't understand how to use the TimeIntervalUpdate, and how to configure the update frequency.

I'm thankful for all help.
PS. If anyone needs my API token please let me know.

To get things going it takes you to start doing things and then to ask help on Node-RED specific things where you stuck. I took a time to read the docs and it seems to be fairly easy to integrate it with Node-RED. But still - do not expect free coding resources from community. Start doing it, get stuck, ask help by sharing the flow of problematic area and then the community wakes up and shows it's full power. No doubt.

Yes, the energy day ahead prices and the smart usage of this data is the thing of interest on many of users, including me. I run my home automation using data from Nordpool market now over 4 years, reducing bills about 14% constantly. It is right thing to do to develop any solution to get benefit of it. Go on.

Thanks for your answer. I did try for a good amount of time to combine a url line with the following parameters and codes, combined with "&" between them,

  • DocumentType
  • ProcessType
  • OutBiddingZone_Domain
  • TimeInterval or combination of PeriodStart and PeriodEnd. But it gave me errors back.
    I understand that if I included my work it would motivate others to help me. I'm currently at work, so I'll post my work tomorrow.
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