Office 365 Email Integration


Just a quicky - something I've only just learned.

If you use Office 365 for email, you may be interested to know that it supports webhooks. Previously I thought these only worked for "Office Groups" or "Teams" but they actually work for individual mailboxes.

So it is really easy to set up an integration between Node-RED and your O365 mailbox.

What's more, the webhooks have the ability to define actions on the resulting item that appears in your inbox. These can capture information from the user and then link back out to other services.

Say, for example, that you wanted to automatically raise a Trello card based on some event (managed by Node-RED) but needed some information from a person before doing it. You could send the action card to a mailbox, the user of the mailbox could add the needed information and then use the Outlook Online to Trello connector to create the card.

Obviously, if you have a connection back into Node-RED, you could use cards to notify users, collect some data or select an action and then trigger a flow in Node-RED.

The information on Actionable messages is here:

Webhooks currently only support the legacy format, the details for that are here:

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