Sending an email through Node-RED

How can I send an email on outlook through Node-RED where the email consists of data of the function node?

Have you searched for email nodes?

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Not quite sure what you mean by, "send an email on outlook through Node-RED" ?

Do you mean

  • send an email from Outlook, and have it received by Node-RED?
  • have Node-RED send an email, and have it received by Outlook?
  • have Node-RED trigger Outlook to send an email?
  • other ??

As @TotallyInformation said, have you checked out the available email nodes; eg,

As @awneil said, you need to clarify what you're asking. I'm going to add another possibility of what you mean to the list he provided. Are you referring to sending an email through the Office 365 platform? If so, you need to use STMP with the node-red-node-email @TotallyInformation referred you to. I have a personal O365 account and two additional professional accounts (through the radio station I run and at my full-time job).

I bring that up because IMAP and SMTP are enabled for my personal and radio station accounts but my employer has everything outside Exchange functionality disabled and you may run into that.

And because it maybe relevant if using O365, you may need to use OAuth.
it was discussed the other day - so still fresh in my mind