Older 32-bit hardware (PC) as hosting platform for Node Red?

I have a older, but well working 32 bit based PC that I think would make a great back up instance for my Node Red remote monitoring environment. I have not researched this idea yet, but figured I would ask on the forum, here, before I get deeper into the flexibility of doing this. The system has 4GB RAM, ample disk space, the only significant limit, is that it is an older 32 bit processor. Plan to use Debian 10 as the Linux core OS, but if there is a better OS, chime in, please.

It will probably be ok unless you plan to do some heavy AI operations like analyzing streaming video etc

Drawbacks would be the power consumption and irritating noise from the fans in the box. Plus the space it occupies.

Better option is to use a retired laptop like I do. Then you have a built-in ups as well, at least for the "server" part

It is in closet, that has air flow, and the noise is not a factor. This older equipment that is just otherwise collecting dust, seems a shame not to use it.

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Main issue support wise is that node.js is dropping 32bit support, so only unofficial builds are available. So far these are keeping up pretty well, but eventually may not.

Yup, that is the one issue of note, I know of thus far. Of course this system is just an experiment anyway, given the older hardware.

I find the best place to search is here - https://unofficial-builds.nodejs.org/download/release/

Excellent... thank you!

The Pi / debian install script tries to keep up with that also so should "just work" - but always happy to be notified of updates.

Cool.... I plan to work on this, over the weekend. Should be interesting!

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