Windows XP 32-bit installation



Since it is possible to install some older versions of Node.js on Windows XP 32-bit, had anyone tried installing node-red on this heavily outdated OS?
There is no possibility to update that OS to supported versions (neither change it to 64 bit), cause PC they are installed on are involved in technological process.
Also I want to know if this is possible in theory, or there is some restrictions for node.js version? Node-red version can be outdated too.


Well in theory there is an installer for windows 32 bit for node.js 4.x - so you may find one that installs.
As of now we still support node 4 - but I think it needs to be 4.8 at least.
Older versions of Node-RED like 0.15.x may have a better chance.

Good luck and let us know what happens !


If you are desperate, you should be able to build from source. Versions of the source code go right back to 2011 v0.1.14

Windows executables and installers go back to 2011 as well.

You might, as Dave say’s, need to find a matching version of Node-RED though. Try v4.8.7 first though: the x86 version should work.

Whatever you do however, make ABSOLUTELY certain that:

  • The machine has no route to the Internet
  • If at all possible, turn off file & print sharing on the device & disable NTLM v1 (Wannacry and other exploits)

This means that you will have to manually download any nodes (and software updates) you want to install. Do not let the PC do automatic updates. (It is possible to have an intermediary update proxy for some software updates but this would require some level of enterprise infrastructure).

Be very careful what you allow the PC to do. It is very vulnerable.