Omron fins read data

Hi, I Have a little question about omron fins. I can connect with the plc omron and I can read the values of the memory areas. But each area gives me a value which is 16bit converted to decimal.
So, to read a datum that resides in address d33 and d34 how can I do?
Each address returns a converted decimal.
So currently I have a node returning me the converted decimal of addres 33 and another converted decimal of address 34.
d33 = value (16bit)
d34 = value (16bit)

As it says in the read me ..

Data formats and conversion

As I use multiple PLCs and didn't want to write boolean / 32bit / float / double functionality into each node (it's best to keep things atomic and good at what they do) so I wrote a separate second node for handling data conversions.

This node "node-red-contrib-buffer-parser" node-red-contrib-buffer-parser (node) - Node-RED is capable of pretty much anything you will need for this or any PLC that returns 16bit data or a NodeJS Buffer.

In essence, you pull a bunch of data from the plc in one go & convert it all in the buffer-parser node to almost any format you could wish for (bits, floats, 32bit signed / unsigned, byteswapping etc etc). It can do 1 or many conversions all at once. It can send a grouped item (object) or individual items with a topic ready for pushing your data directly from the PLC to MQTT.

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