Omx-player node not reliably pushing audio w/ video

I'm out of my head with an audio issue - I've gone through so many possibilities from the NR forum and beyond but have lost audio (again) from rpi-omxplayer. It worked, then it didn't, then it did and now failed again. Everything is in order, it was playing fine earlier today (this flow, several videos are triggered with data from two sensors in an interactive installation) and then on a general reboot with no settings changed, sound is suddenly missing. I feel like I've sufficiently narrowed it down to the omxplayer node (I've verified that audio only can can be played from other nodes so it isn't in the Pi config, or the node-red install, or the flows. I've spent any hours trying to solve this with no luck - I'm at my wits end - Is there a reliable alternative to omxplayer for pushing videos our of node-red on the pi??

You can use the exec node and call the omxplayer command from there.

Ah, that is a great idea, hadn't thougt of that actually! Ugh!
Thanks for the insight, the answer is usually so close!

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