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I am in the need to start a device once each other day. I am thinking to use an inject node which sends one message each day at 7.30am, connected to a delay node in its "Rate Limiter" configuration, like this:

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My only question is: if I have to restart NodeRed, will the Rate Limiter reset or will it continue to count the daily messages? If it resets I am afraid I have to find another solution.

your best bet is something like cron-plus node set to send every 2 days...


restarts will not affect operation - it will always fire at the allotted time

Yes, I know cronplus. I wanted to find an easier solution without the need of installing new palettes. But if this is the only alternative...

It's not the only alternative, but it's probably the best (IMO)

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The Inject technique would not be reliable. Imagine it triggers first time at 07:30 and when it gets to the delay node the time is 7:30 + 3 milliseconds. That would get through ok. Then the on the next day would not get through, as required, but on the third day suppose it gets to the delay node at 07:30 + 1 millisecond. That one would not get through as two full days have not yet elapsed, it is 2 msec too early.

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