ONVIF access on ANNKE C500

I am using node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes in my Node-Red setup and it connects to my Reolink cameras without any issues.
I have purchased a Annke C500, and I think I have configured it correctly (enabled ONVIF in settings, added a userid and password on the User List).
The ONVIF discovery is working, the camera shows up in the payload, but when I configure it and try to use on any of the other nodes, it just says:

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

@BartButenaers are you aware of anything special with Annke, that I have missed? I used port 5000 which is something I found in one of Annke online FAQ page.
Also tried port 8000, but I get a:

Error: read ECONNRESET

Thank you for your response.

Have a look with ONVIF Device Manager download | SourceForge.net what's your camera is capable off regarding onvif.

I checked and I can see the device settings, for example I can also see the events like motion detection in the event log. So all appears to be fine. With the onvif node, I get the error and status is disconnected on the node itself after I deploy. Even before I try to call any onvif functions.

Hi Csongor,
I'm only using my Onvif nodes for my own camera's, so I'm certainly not testing it with other brands (unless users report issues like you do now ...). I"m not a professional company :wink:

When I look at this tutorial, I see that they connect to port 5000:


Fingers crossed ...

Thanks @BartButenaers. I understand that it is your own creation, I just assumed you might have ran into similar issues.
I found the same site, hence I started with port 5000, but something certainly missing.
Let me dig further, I will let you know if I found out anything.


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@BartButenaers, I did not get any useful support from Annke. They also asked me to test port 5000 and 8000, but both are the same.
Yet there is something odd: I set the configuration details and after when I click on Search icon on the Profile, I am getting "mainStream" and "subStream" back. So the node is able to get that information from the camera, but when I deploy the changes, it would not connect.

If you give me some pointers how to do it, I am happy to do some debugging in case that sheds a light on the issue.

That is indeed odd.
If you could make such a camera available online, you can send me the link/username/password via a private message. And please put it somewhere where I can't see what you are doing :wink:
Otherwise it will be impossible for me to troubleshoot anything.
And no SLA's or guarantees for success, especially since my nodes are based on a third-party library...

Anyone looking at this thread later, it looks like the onvif intergration works on C500, but you need to user port 80 and not 5000. I am still puzzled why the Annke doc mentions 5000, but I got it working now.
I need to spend more time to explore what is possible, so I will be back later with an update.


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