Onvif-nodes v0.0.1-beta 15 issue

Previously used onvif-nodes node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes@0.0.1-beta.14 on rpi Zero W with Node Red v1.2.6 with no issues for connecting to the onVif-device node for a Tapo camera.

While the onVif-discovery node works fine in the following setup of the onvif-nodes version 0.0.1-beta 15 on a rpi Zero 2W with Node Red v2.1.3 the onVif-device node when trying to reconnect shows connected then immediately reverts to unsupported.

In case anybody would be interested in the Onvif node progress ...

@PdeJ has allowed me access to his camera, by (temporary) doing a port forward to the Onvif port of his camera. Seems that such a TP-Link Tapo C200*** camera returns its service names in the namespace instead of the XAddr field:


Damn there are many differences in the Onvif firmwares of all the available brands. And this one even isn't a cheap chinese clone...

Anyway node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes@0.0.1-beta.16 contains a fix, and is available on npm.


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