Opc-ua and beckoff


i am quite new to node red but i am trying to generate a dashboard showing the values from a Beckoff plc.

In order to achieve my goal, i am using the node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua node (update 4.0.10).

As you can see from the picture, i am using a OPCUA_IIOT_Inject node in order to get the variable's address (this address is obtained via UaExpert).

then i used a OPCUA_IIOT_Read node set on the address of my beckoff plc as endpoint opc.tcp://192.xxx.xxx.x90:4840 and i have set the security policy at basic256sha256 and the mode to sign ( the same that was used in order to acquire the connection to the UaExpert).

Unfortunately i am not able to gather the data/read the data and show these data on my dashboard. (under the OPCUA_IIOT_Read i am able to read "not running").

I have added a code snippet showing how i have done this little node red flow

Does someone have any hints about this problem?

i am using node red v1.0.3 ( and unfortunately i am not able to update it)

flows (41).json (5.1 KB)

I haven't used the opc node yet. But if you are using beckhoff, maybe try using node-red-contrib-ads-client.


thank you for your reply.

I have asked this question since i could not find a way in order to properly use the iiot library and maybe itis not possible to use it with beckoff.

Maybe the only way to achieve my goal is to use the node-red-contrib-ads-client : did you already use this library with backoff in order to read the data and create a dashboard?

Do you have some example of the use of this nodes? i have checked online an i could not be able to find any

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