OPC UA Client Invalid endpoint

Hello guys,

i try to read out a variable of a S7-1500 CPU with the OPC UA Client Node on my Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately the Node is marked red and i get the error: "Invalid endpoint opc.tcp://"
I hope there is any help for me...

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There is. you may have to revert to an older version of your OPCUA Node. Depending on the version you installed you may need to wait for the developer to fix the known issue. This is not the first time with this problem or similar ones. More to come. keep in touch.

I am having same issue,

I am trying to connect sinumerik controller to node red with opcua client node,
message comes on ocpua node " invalid endpoint opc tcp ://....... "

I have alredy connected a PLC with node red with same node , there opcua client node is reading properly.

Isn't it possible to use the S7 node, instead of the OPC-UA node in your application?

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