OPC UA Compact Server , how to create int variable for node

I am creating a OPC UA node for OPC UA Compact Server
From the example, i able to use the string or double. but unfortunely my new project request me to use a int32, how can i create a node in int32?

const m20230703 = namespace.addVariable({
      "organizedBy": opcUASubFolder102,
      "browseName": "OM_SortingId",
      "nodeId": "ns=1;s=OM_SortingId",
      "dataType": "Double",
      "value": {
        "get": function () {
          return new Variant({
            "dataType": DataType.Double,
            "value": flexServerInternals.sandboxFlowContext.get("OM_SortingId")
        "set": function (variant) {
          return opcua.StatusCodes.Good;

Int32 instead of Double

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