OPC UA Multiple Interval settings while using Subscription Option

In my project, I was trying to set the OPC UA Subscription with two intervals using specific variable value [ true ] from the read information received from the opc ua Client.and as soon as the value of variable changes to false need to have a subscription with the longer interval.
Tried to using msg.payload , no luck yet.

  1. Can you please advise me on the nodes i need use to achieve two different intervals to the OPC UA Subscription node ?
  2. On my flow, on the subscription method to read, I tired using template and CSV node to configure all the data in one place, but was ended up with an error, I think, Stringarray data type is creating a problem
  3. Can you please suggest me in using the right method to use template and csv node for the Subscription method ?
  4. Also, while writing, it's creating an error if i use data type as StringArray, can you please suggest me the method i should use with the proper data type [ stringarray ] ?

flows (1).json (101.2 KB)

You Valuable inputs highly appreciated.

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