Error while subscribing to OPC UA client on same time frame as the tags

Hi All - I receive a strange error while using OPC UA connection to read some tags of a machine for real time streaming from node-red to power bi
All I want to do is to showcase some 20 tags of a machine and display the values in a power bi graph.
I use the inject node - and set the interval to a minute as below :-

Then I configure the Kepware client and set the subscribe to 20 seconds ( anything <=20 seconds).
This works and information is logged, however in DB it is logged for 20 seconds and not every minute.

Now, if i change the interval to anything greater than 20 seconds on kepware, I recieve this error.

Error: [NODE-OPCUA-W09] The subscription parameters are not compatible with the session timeout

I am not sure of how to resolve this topic and hence posted it out here. I want the parameter to be pulled every minute and logged, so I can push the same to a streaming set which Power BI can consume.

Thanks in advance for the help

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