OPC UA "OPC SUBSCRIBE: StatusCode: Good#Overflow (0x00000080)"

I am using OPC UA node-red-contrib-opcua to read structure from a codesys OPC UA server running on Raspberry Pi target.
This interface was developped originally 2 years ago on Nodered 1.2.6 with OPC UA version 0.2.91, it was working well except that sometimes the codesys server gave some OPC UA error, and that Nodered was restarting by itself without reason.

I tried to improve the situation by upgrading my nodered to the last version to be able to run also the last version of node-red-contrib-opcua (0.2.288).

I created a nodered-test docker container with this new version and i am importing and improving step by step my existing flows in the new nodered using also more subflow to make the nodered code easier to monitor and maintain.

In both nodered, i am able to browse some data and generate an automatic subscribe to the structures, decode them and store the data to influxDB database.
In old nodered i have no subscribe error but the nodered container log is filled with OPC UA schema errors

    at EXTENSION.get schema [as schema] (/data/node_modules/node-opcua-schemas/dist/source/dynamic_extension_object.js:326:25)
    at EXTENSION.toString (/data/node_modules/node-opcua-factory/dist/factories_baseobject.js:376:18)
    at EXTENSION.toString (/data/node_modules/node-opcua-schemas/dist/source/dynamic_extension_object.js:564:26)
    at Object.encodeObject (/usr/src/node-red/node_modules/@node-red/util/lib/util.js:804:45)

In the new nodered-test, the subscribe give the
OPC SUBSCRIBE: StatusCode: Good#Overflow (0x00000080) message for each read value.
By searching on google, this status code seems to be a manual defined one but i can't find the meaning.
If this error is not critical, are there ways to avoid nodered filling the debug windows and log file with these messages.
If i should work to avoid this message, how can I find the cause and solve it?

Thanks for any help

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