OPC-UA, PackML and MQTT simulator for development and training purposes

Hi everyone!

As co-founder and CTO of the United Manufacturing Hub (UMH), I wanted to share with you a valuable resource for getting started with Node-RED in Industrial IoT. We understand that it can be challenging to connect your valuable PLCs or SCADA systems immediately (compliance, security, etc.), which is why we have added simulators to our standard OSS blueprint for Industrial IoT, so that you can start playing around with Node-RED immediately.

These simulators help new users get started on their journey with Node-RED, and we have also created a couple of tutorials to assist you along the way. We invite you to try out Node-RED with simulated PackML, OPC-UA, or MQTT data and create your dashboards with it.

Here are some of our tutorials to get you started:



I know nothing about PackML & OPC-UA but is there a specific reason that you used a JSON node after the MQTT node rather than setting the MQTT node to auto-detect or a parsed JSON object?

Good point actually, thank you!

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