Data acquisition scheme of MTConnect

The most important in the Industrial Standards Agreement is OPC-UA and MTConnect,I can do data collection by 'node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua' or 'node-red-contrib-opcua',but i can't find any node or flow about MTConnect ,anyone can share the scheme about use MTConnect to exchange data?

Those are very specialized protocols. Since there's no NodeJS package for MTConnect on NPM, it's even less likely that there are existing nodes for Node-RED.

Have you tried googling for "mtconnect nodejs"?

I came up with

Thank you for your's so little Information about 'MTConnect nodejs',More information about MTConnect is C or Java. :joy:

Yes, I know the problem. I'm coming from an industrial background myself. Though we mainly use Siemens PLCs and developed our own TCP-based communication protocol to get away from polling the PLCs and achieve faster response times. :grinning:

At least there is a MTConnect client implementation for NodeJS, so you're not alone with your problem.
If that lib is working properly, then creating some custom nodes around it shouldn't be that hard. :sweat_smile:

But noted that these libs seem to be unmaintained and haven't been updated for several years.

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