OPC UA unsubscribe not working properly sometimes


I'm using OPC UA in my node red. I am using the action 'INFO' in my OPC UA client. I want to use info because it allows me to subscribe and unsubscribe.

However, sometimes when I select unsubscribe, the OPC UA client unsubcribes but after a few seconds it resubscribes automatically without me selecting the subscribe at all. When this happens, it also sometimes doesn't subscribe to all listed tags.

The strange thing is I've also seen the 'unsubscribe' working. Sometimes when I power recycle the device or delete the OPC UA client node, it sometimes work.

I'm not able to replicate this problem because Im not sure how it happens.

I have included my flow for your reference. I am using OPC UA v2.265 and the device that Im communicating it with is a node red application acting as a OPC UA server



flows (22).json (3.5 KB)

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