Node RED OPCUA client does not remain subscribed when the device (server) connected is disconnected or switched off


I'm using OPC UA in node red. Actually I have 2 devices with both communicating with each other. That means both device has its own server and client node. In my client I am using 'SUBSCRIBE' and it works fine.

The problem is when either one of the device is disconnected from the network or switched off and then when the connection back on, the devices fail to detect each other.

When this happen I either have to re-subscribe or delete and recreate the opc ua client. The server side is no issue.

When disconnected, it shows 'reconnect attempt..' and when the connection is back it shows 'keep alive' but it doesn't go back to 'active subscribed'. Why doesn't the subscribe remain subscribed?
I have included my flow as a reference. I'm using OPC UA 2.265

flows (22).json (3.5 KB)

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Node-opcua tries multiple different ways to restore first session and then retrieve subscription and monitored items. But it depends also from the server if this will be possible.
If server is shutdown/rebooted it makes it very hard to restore session, retrieve subscription etc.

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