Subscription Management in opcua-compact-server node

We use Kepware OPC UA Client to get data from OPC UA Server in opcua-compact-server node. NodeRed is running in Raspberry Pi.
Sometimes the data quality in Kepware is bad after Raspberry Pi restart even though the OPC UA Server in NodeRed is already running. There is 0x80280000 error code in Kepware, it means "an OPC UA Client Subscription that is no longer available is still being referenced to make the connection between the UA Client Driver and the target OPC UA server". Kepware Technical Support said that maybe when the Raspberry Pi restarts, something is being skipped in the OPC UA connection mechanism and a new subscription is not created, this way the OPC UA Client is still using the old subscription and the error appears, subscription management however resides on the OPC UA Server part.
Please help, is there information about subscription management in opcua-compact-server node? Can we set about subscription in opcua-compact-server node side?
We are using NodeRed v1.2.7 and NodeJS v12.20.2

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