OPC UA with IdentifierType=String on Node-Red


I'm testing OPC UA Client on Node-RED.
I installed node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua v.3.1.0.
If I try to read a OPC UA node from client Nod-RED to my OPC UA Server I can read node with IdentifierType=Number (for example: ns=0;i=85) so I'm sure that the connection work fine.
But if I try to read a node with the IdentifierType=String (for example: ns=36;i=Endpoints.nc1_r.EndpointSet.nc1_r500) I have the follow message "Error: String cannot be coerced to a nodeId : ns=36;i=Endpoints.nc1_r.EndpointSet.nc1_r500".

Is there a way to read a OPC UA with a string identifier type?

If you need most information ask me.
Thanks a lot.



I finded the solution.


ns=2;s=MyTemperature (namespace index 2, string identifier)
i=2045 (namespace index 0, numeric identifier)
ns=1;g=09087e75-8e5e-499b-954f-f2a9603db28a (namespace index 1, GUID identifier)
ns=1;b=M/RbKBsRVkePCePcx24oRA==' (namespace index 1, Opaque/ByteString identifier)