Openweather node question


Daily I ask openweather for a weather report and if there is no rain, it does something.
All is good - to a point.


Say it starts raining at mid-night and rains until 10:00 then stops.
Mid-day comes and the weather says it isn't raining.
(But it has for the last 10 hours)


How can I get a history of the past 10 hours of weather?
Getting a forecast doesn't quite cut it as it often says things and they don't happen.
So getting the past history is better.

Is this possible?

Openweather api does have historical data, but i think it is not free, and you would need to make a http request.

Why not store the daily request data for 24hrs.

I was going to do that, but if the payloads have that data already.... Why re-invent the wheel? :wink:

Ok, so I shall poll it every hour (I'll only do the previous 12 hours) and store that value.


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