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weatherapi been around a few years now, but it's not been on my radar (and not mentioned elsewhere in the node-RED forum), so I thought I'd give it a try, as most of the other weather api's are no longer available (for free).

On the free tier, weatherapi allows;

  • A generous 1,000,000 api calls per month
  • Realtime, 3 day city and town weather. Daily and Hourly
  • Last 7 days history
  • Air quality data
  • Weather alerts
  • https api
  • plus lots more...

There isn't a contrib node for weatherapi, but their api is really easy to use, and the api format is prepared for you in their website, just copy & paste it into a http response node, (set the response node to return a 'parsed json object'), and you can retrieve as much, or as little data as you want.
On the free tier, service uptime is listed as 95.5%, but I've had 100% for the past week retrieving data every 15 minutes, and the quality of the data has been excellent, and representative of my local sensor data (UK).

Their git account is weatherapicom ( · GitHub (MIT licensed :grinning:)

PS - Sorry, this reads like a sales pitch, but it's not, I'm not connected with weatherapi, or an affiliate. I'm just sharing in case it helps others...


Paul, the http request node can return a parsed JSON object.


Yes, of course I knew that. It was a test to see who was paying attention :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Will update :+1:


I know because I always forget!


Nice find. If I can pause the obsession that is uibuilder development at some point, I'll give it a go and maybe update the comparison table I did a while back.

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The problem I've always found with these third party weather providers is their accuracy. It wasn't immediately obvious to me where they source their data from.

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Thanks Paul for doing this for the community - will give it a go and see how accurate it is compared to the Australian BOM in Sydney


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Even my official British Met Office forecast can't get it right for tomorrow so I don't think it's a data issue :slight_smile:

F1 teams with millions to spend can't accurately predict if it's going to rain later on in a 2 hour race :slight_smile:

We are not there yet when it comes to weather prediction :slight_smile:

If you look up the old table I did, you'll see that some forecasts only use data from places like Airports. If that is the case, for somewhere like Sheffield that has lots of micro-climates, they are generally worthless. Data from 30 miles away is no use. Others use additional data sources and have machine learning to identify smaller cells for forecasts.

Not to say those are more accurate. Though generally they are if they use decent weather models.

I live about a mile from Doncaster airport, which probably explains why the 'current conditions' data is accurate.


Hello Everyone,

I am from support team and if there is anything I could assist you with in regards to API and weather then please do let me know.

Thank you.


Welcome to the forum!

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Hi Sana, thanks for joining us in the forum :+1:

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Yes, this helps. I live in the USA (Dallas Metro, TX) and have tried lots of different weather services. A couple have been bought and no longer offer a public (read: free) API, a couple others just stopped offering (free) data. Our National Weather Service has pretty local forecast data, so I (the perpetual noob) went through the long process of deciphering their API only to discover after a while that it didn't always return the most recent data - sometimes it would return the same data set for 24-48 hours at a time. Note that this might have been me, I'm running a bunch of NR stuff plus PiHole, etc. all on a Pi 3 wired to my network. So the problem might lie elsewhere.
Some (weatherbit and OpenWeatherMap) are not local enough. One looked really great (DarkSky) but recently announced that they will be turning off their public API (bummer). So getting wind of a new one is very exciting. Because I live very close to the DFW airport, I can get pretty accurate local info. And since they get data from one of my favorite scuba destinations (Cozumel), I can keep tabs on that area too.
Bottom line: Thanks. As soon as I can figure out why NR cannot consistently FTP to my hosting service, I'll have a new personal weather thingie to play with.

Can we try and keep this thread on the topic of weatherapi com please.
By all means start a fresh topic about meteoblue if you wish.

Curious if those that signed up earlier are still getting access after thirty days. I signed up for one of the other "free" services and they wanted a paid plan after thirty days.

The email I got from when I signed up said, in part, "Next renewal on [signup date + 30 days]." I'm not sure what to make of that if the free tier isn't limited by time.

For those that signed up earlier, may I ask is it still working after 30 days?

mine is but I signed up a long time ago

Yes, still working here.

So it seems that there is no free-tier anymore :frowning:
@Paul-Reed Maybe update OP?

Not been using it. I've got UK Met Office, Stormglass and Norway MET configured and they are all working.