OpenZwave ==> keeps reconnecting


not sure but this should work:

cd .node-red
npm uninstall openzwave-shared


this worked, but the whole procedure was no succes.
It still keeps re-booting over and over again when I insert a zwave node :frowning:

For tonight it's enough, if there are more ideas out there :slight_smile:


ok, but test2.js must run without errors before you try with node-red!


One last tip, actually this should be your job :wink:

search for the error in your log:

node: symbol lookup error: /home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/openzwave-shared/build/Release/openzwave_shared.node

Have a look here:



christmas vacation....

Today I just re-started again from scratch.
A new Raspbian image, then I first installed node-RED with the script you can find in this forum and then I installed the open zwave library with the command that cflurin posted here above.

3 straight forward steps, and it finally works again.

Without any doubt I messed up big time by installing something wrong in the zwave part, but I was not able to find out what. At least we have now 3 straight forward steps to install this node :wink: