Still can't install openzwave for Node Red


I hate to repost, but my last plea for help went off-topic.

I’ve just spent most of a day trying to install openzwave for Node Red on my Pi 3. I am hopelessly lost, and worse, the instructions I’ve found conflict with each other. I never even got to install openzwave, the prerequisites are where I am stuck.

The instructions in the git for openzwave got me the furthest, up to Step 3 of installing the prerequisites. I never got to install openzwave nodes yet.

Step 3 says: > cd to the project directory.

What “project directory”? I posted an issue on the git, and Elias Karakoulakis (ekarak) suggested ~/.node-red.
But when I try to run test2.js from Step 3, I get tons of “Cannot find module” errors.

Any help would be really appreciated.



This worked for me:

sudo apt-get install libopenzwave1.5-dev
cd .node-red
npm install openzwave-shared

When done, also install zwave thru the pallette.



Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a try soon, but we're going on vacation next week. No computers or TV for a whole week. But why "also install zwave thru the pallette."? How is that different from apt-get?

I went the Home Assistant route to integrate my Z-Wave devices, then use mqtt to control them. My configuration is a Rasberry Pi3 which is my mqtt host and main Node-Red server. A second Pi3 is running Home Assistant on, and a local instance of Node-Red. It's complicated, but it made for fast integration of my Z-Wave devices.




I believe those are the prerequesite npm modules (not node-red zwave nodes) that need to be in place before installing the node (through the palette manager).



That makes sense. I think the prerequisites was where I ran into problems earlier.