Can't install "OpenZWave" module


I want to use the "Open-ZWave" module in Node-RED.

I went to the installation directory of Node-RED, and used the following command:
$ npm install node-red-contrib-openzwave

I have this mistake:

The installation of other modules worked fine.

Have you encountered this kind of problem before?

Thank you.

Couple of things.

You are running as root, why ?
You should install it in the ~/.node-red directory

The openzwave node requires the node-openzwave library to be installed/compiled first. Did you read the documentation ?

This package has one sole dependency: node-openzwave-shared. This is a fork of node-openzwave that links to OpenZWave as a shared library , therefore you need to have the OpenZWave library installed in your system beforehand , using the operating system's package manager, or by compiling OpenZWave yourself.

Yes my installation directory was not correct on the picture.

Yes I read the documentation, but I use an ARM64 architecture, I didn't have the right libraries.

After installing the right libraries with these two commands everything worked fine:

$apt-get install openzwave
$apt-get install libopenzwave1.5-dev

Thanks for the help.

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