Out influx 1x vs 1.8

i do some output of datas into influx 1.x which works fine!
what more should be done to select influx 1.8?
because selecting 1.8 the data are not added, but also no error!

have a nice day

Don't select 1.8 - flux unless you want to use the flux query language with influx 1.8. For Influx 1.8 using the sql syntax then 1.x is what you want, as that works with 1.anything.

Ok thanks @Colin
just thinking because influxDB has now version 2 out too!
have a nice day

Flux is VERY different. I wasn't impressed if I'm being honest.

v1.8 is meant to be the bridging version. It gives you access to most of the Flux features without having to commit to them immediately as you would with v2.

I would certainly suggest setting up a test db and using Flux to see the differences and how it works. You will need to review your glossary as well since they've changed some of the terminology (mostly for the better).

Yes, I am somewhat dreading the moment when I will have to start using V2

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