Overlapping dashboard groups

Is there a way to prevent the group boxes from overlapping other groups on dashboard ui's? I would be very thankful for any solutions/suggestions.

If you have different widths for groups then for some combinations it is not possible for dashboard to calculate positions to not overlap.
The masonry layout expects same sizes at least for one direction. Even if dashboard allowes to configure different sizes, there's no guarantee that it's possible to align elements.

If you need more complex layouts, you will need to consider either Dashboard 2.0 or UIBUILDER.

Thanks for the information, I will have to use some "workarounds" for my dashboard.

Thanks, are there any good examples (screenshots or flows avaiable for download) of dashboards that use UIBUILDER ?

There is stull in the forum, some entries in the Flows site and maybe some stuff in the WIKI. There is also a load of built-in documentation including a starter walkthrough. There there are some videos on YouTube as well.

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