Dynamic Group width


Is there a way to dynamicaly set the width of a Group?
If I make the Brower Tap wider the Group should get wider.
Is there any way to do this? example?

Many thanks in advance for your help

HI, welcome to forum.
But no there is no way to adjust group sizes dynamically. The dashboard is built on top of the card layout system and works only this way. If you'll need flexibility you'll need to build dashboard from scratch.

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Hi hotNipi
What do you mean with dashboard from scratch?

For example using the uibuilder node, you can build your dashboard exactly as you like.

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Isn't is possible to overwrite it with css with a template node.
I found this post

Well, many tricks can be done. But it all depends on very exact use case. It is possible to create the dashboard with one card only and then adjust that card to have flexible size and all the things inside the card also behave nice in case of size changed.

All widgets created for dashboard are made in the way that the surrounding environment is card layout with all it's rules. So they "fight back" a lot if you start to give them such freedom.

The truth is, that if you break the card layout in the way it works for that one use case, all (or at least most) other cases will fail.

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Thanks for you fast responses.
Do you know a good page to learn the uibuilder?

The link to the node's info page provides a lot of text and a lot of links and those are there for purpose :slight_smile:
And if you search here in forum, many discussions on details can be found.

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Ok thanks :smiley:

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