Override Trigger-Button

Hi there,

is there a possibility to trigger a trigger-button (e.g. “Inject”-node, …) from extern? Via http/mqtt/flow-variable/…
I agree, everyone should reword his flow to trigger an event on specific time, instead of such goofiness, but my used node (node-red-contrib-browser-utils/microphone) just provide such an trigger-button at node, instead of an input to trigger it via button or else.
To modify the .html of this node gave me no luck.

Hi @standro

the node-red-contrib-browser-utils/microphone node uses the web-browser’s ability to access the microphone in order to capture audio from the Editor - and then passes the audio back to the runtime. Remotely triggering the node would not help as it is the code within the editor itself, not the runtime, that does the audio capture.

thanxs for this hint. I thought the node use the scope of the whole browser, so it is usable in the dashboard environment also. unluckly this node is the only one that use the microphone from device which is calling node-red and not a microphone from server, as node-red-contrib-mic does.
Do you see any chance to used it via dashboard?