How to run Flow without directly click the node


I want to get a wav format voice through my microphone.
(For use with IBM STT)
For the "node-red-contrib-mic" package, voice input is not working.

For the microphone node in the "node-red-contrib-browser-utils" package, voice input works. However, it is difficult to use it on IoT devices because the input is performed by clicking the button directly.

Is there only a way to click on a node in the browser screen to perform input from node-red?

For example, I want to use something like a GPIO button as a trigger of this flow.



Step 1 would be to search on for any other nodes that might do what you are looking for. For example theres a node for USB microphones.



Certainly, lots of ways. Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • Use an Amazon Alexa or Google Home interface
  • Raspberry Pi running Node-RED, wire up a button to a GPIO
  • Use Dashboard for a web interface
  • Use a hacked Amazon button
  • Create an ESP8266 or ESP32 based button interface over WiFi :
  • Create a Telegram bot for a command or conversational interface :robot:
  • Use the IFTTT "Do" app
  • Wire up a soil sensor so that you trigger the flow when you water a plant :wilted_flower:
  • Use a light sensor for hands-free activation :sunglasses:
  • ....

Why not use several? There are examples around for all of these.