Owl Intuition & Node Red


I’m a newbee here so go easy please… :roll_eyes:

Just getting into node_red and must say I getting more and more hooked!! Basically I’m creating a home automation system, which I’ve connected up my Ikea Tradfri lighting system which all fully works, and I’m now looking at doing similar with my Solar panel / energy / heating system, which is controlled via owl intuition.

Anybody come across this and know of any (is it), node.js / palletes, I can import, as I did for my Tradfri system.

Thanks in advance.



You can search the list of easily downloadable nodes for node-RED at flows.nodered.org

But there isn’t one for the owl intuition

There is however a nodejs package https://www.npmjs.com/package/owlintuition
which depending on your coding skills you could either use in a function node or create a node-RED node for yourself and others to use



Okay cheers,

Downloaded that js but must admit looks like its gona take me some time to get my head around it.

I’ll do plenty of googling / you-tubing and keep ya informed of progress… or lack off haha!