Pac3200 Pac 2200 Sentron read 4registers [ 64 bits]


I'm looking for the final solution for reading the 801 offset of a Siemens Sentron PAC 2200.

I saw post but closed since 2020: Pac3200 read 4registers [ 64 bits]


My payload is :


How did you configure Buffer Parser?


I am looking for this value:

Energy compteur / Total import : 383.45-KWh

My Modbus request :slight_smile:
Capture d’écran de 2022-04-21 11-51-28

In the Siemens documentation

Thank you in advance for your assistance


I'm using Modbus Flex Getter Node for Modbus communication.
When I read the 801.. registers I send the following request to the PAC

"fc": 3,
"unitid": 1,
"address": 801,
"quantity": 40
The buffer-parser looks like this:

With a resulting payload of: 10 double values...

Hello MrLight,

Thanks, it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Good Sunday.

Hi Pierre,

I developed this node to simplify communication with the SENTRON series:


Can you test with your PAC3200 ?


Hello Nicolo,

I'm using a Sentron PAC 2200.

I had tested your node but in did not work with the index (active energy import).

If you have made changes, I can test and give you feedback if you want ???


I'm try to fixing format for double values.
Can you try new version of the node with PAC2200 and give me a feedback?


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