Parsing error : SVG Node red


My objective is to have an input text field with the SVG image (similar to this article :Node-red-contrib-ui-svg: experimenting with foreign elements)

However i get a "parse exception" at the SVG editor - when i add these tags:

<foreignObject x="470" y="80" width="100" height="50">
   <input type="number" id="temp_living" min="10" max="25" style="height: 25px;">
   <label for="temp_living" id="temp_living_label" style="color: black;font-size: larger;font-weight: bold;vertical-align: middle;"> °C</label>

Hi @rchandrashekar53,

Welcome to this forum!
Did you try to import the complete example flow from my article (in the link you posted above)? Because it still works for me.

Or did you perhaps copy only the <foreignObject> ... </foreignObject> part into the SVG node 'source' tabsheet? Because then you would of course get a parse exception, since it would be an incomplete drawing.


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