Parsing Omron data using buffer node

Struggling to get the setting correct to read a float value from PLC. So far managed to get bytes and words no issue.
throws an buffer out of bounds error, so I'm assuming I'm not specifying something large enough

if you are trying to read 2 floats then you will need a buffer of 8 bytes in the incoming data. check the payload going into buffer parser. Best off setting the output of the FINS node to return a buffer (if not already) & send it to a debug to check there are at least 8 bytes.

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I will try this, I'm only trying to read the one float.

If you only want 1 float then only set the length to 1.

The instructions for using buffer parser are in the built in help on the side-bar.

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Sorted. on the Fins connection I was only pulling in 1 word, A float is 2 long so there was my issue.

Thanks Steve

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