Pass msg object containing HTML to <select> in UI template

I am trying to pass a msg that contains the string value "numbers". "numbers" contains options for a dropdown box as HTML.

This is the msg object I am using:

And this is the code in my template node:

<table id="table" border="1">

 <tr ng-repeat="row in msg.payload">
 <td align="center" ng-repeat="item in row" >{{item}}</td>


How to I get the "numbers" data to appear between the <select></select>? If I paste the actual value of "numbers" there, the UI renders the dropdown box correctly. Currently I just get a blank dropdown

Here is how the UI looks:

The repeat is reading the "First Duty" etc from the array and is working correctly, but the second column should be populated with a drop down containing the options defined in the "numbers" string.

Look at the debug node again.

msg.payload is an array with 4 elements (unknown what they are).
msg.number contains a string.

Your template is repeating row in msg.payload, not numbers

The first

is working correctly, I am passing both an array and a string.
The array works correctly. I'll update my questions to make things clearer

The first works because you have a property called numbers

I have updated my question

Got it, i was confused. Perhaps it is caused by the double quotes in value ? Although I am not sure you can pass html to the template node.

Is this a ui-template that uses angular or a regular template node that uses moustache ?

It's a UI_Template node

Looks (to me) like it should be a regular template node. Then feed that into a ui-template node (with its default content of html bind)

Or maybe try {{msg.numbers}}