Password Change and Profile Facility and User Accounts


I have Node-RED applications on CF Bluemix. I can create additional applications using ToolChain and Git.

At the moment I create an application and then run it to configure with username and password. To change the password I need to set the environment variables. Is there a way to change this process to a standard login model?

In most applications a user can create their account and set there password or reset it if they forget it. Also once logged-in they can access their profile page and reset their password from there. At the moment a profile appears but only allows logout.

I am not sure if when the account is created whether not the details are held in the cloudant database. My thinking is that it should be possible to improve the login process by enabling this additional functionality. Does anyone know if this functionality is possible and if so where to start creating it?

Furthermore, where a node-red dashboard is added this is available to all. Is it possible to only allow logged in users for a given account to access there dashboard. Basically a combined login (authentication) service for flow editor and dashboard possibly using the cloudant database to store the relevant details include profile?

I look forward to receiving any comments in this regards.

Kind Regards