User dashboard to enter credentials

Hi All,

I have a project where I want a user to log into the webpage of the nodered dashboard.
From there I want them to be able to provision certain details specific to them like their email address which would be then input into a flow as the location for alert messages to be sent to.

I cant figure out how to do this or if its even possible - thanks for any help you can provide!


Hi Nick, it's not possible to set up any kind of authentication to the Node-RED dashboard, i.e. where a user would have to enter a password. (Others may correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that Node-RED is a single user system, and the dashboard is conceptually a layer on top of this single user system. There is no support for multiple users therefore authentication of multiple users.)

However, if you don't need security per se, then what you want to do is definitely possible. Let's say you just want a user to view a dashboard page and register their email address, and for notifications for a given thing to be sent to that email address, then yes this would be possible. You'd need to make your own user registration system.

See @nygma2004's youtube video, the opening screenshot shows a kind of user registration page (although the input to this actually happens externally to Node-RED rather than within the dashboard - but it's definitely possible to do within the dashboard), and he explains and makes available various stuff for you to play with. This particular vid doesn't do exactly what you need (i.e. ability to enter email address) but it does show a user registration system where you can change other aspects of the user's registration, update fields / delete / etc.

Hope that helps

That video you linked is about the user management I especially built for Telegram integration. For node red http, I am only aware of the option of adding user(s) in the settings.js file. Although I am assuming integration with 3rd party access provider is somehow possible.

It is. Node-RED supports Passport strategies: Securing Node-RED : Node-RED

We support passport in the context of securing the editor and adminApi. That is a different thing to securing the dashboard or any user-level flow.

Yep, I noted that - it's not suitable for implementing different users in Dashboard (first part of @NPLPRS question) but could be useful for the second part of the question, i.e. the ability to register a user's email address to be used for alert messages.

@hazymat Sorry, got you. Good idea. Make a page available on the dashboard for public access (and to register), rest would be behind a login screen.
Just thinking aloud, if you could hide the page navigation and place registration, login on the first page, and enable the navigation after a successful login. That would be a "workaround". I am not sure how it can be done.