Password is shown in context of node in plain text

I have a custom node which accepts username and password, if the user submits the details and click on node to view node info/content information then password field is displayed in clear text.
please refer to the image

Any way to hide it ?



Probably should not annoy Nick on there sorts of things - we want to keep him busy on NR development !!

Did you write the custom node or is it someone elses you are using ? They would need to adapt the node to support some form of hashing/salting etc of the password and then store that on disk - its not something NR can do for a custom node


Sorry and thanks Craig for the information

@kiran007 as @craigcurtin says, please dont tag individuals into questions.

The node needs to identify the property as a credential. Node-RED will then store it in the credentials file and not expose it in the editor.

It just hides the password at export function but in context are its shown the password
please refer to the image

That suggests you have a credentials property in the nodes defaults object. That is wrong. Check the docs I linked to.

I did 3 steps as per your documentation

  1. I added credential in default section of HTML file please refer the screenshot 1
  2. in JS file added same please refer screenshot 2
  3. HTML thing screenshot

anything I miss?

it doesn't say add to defaults anywhere - it says " Add a new credentials entry to the node’s definition:" So in step 1 add them after defaults for example - not inside.

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