How to decrypt and pass a credential value in custom node

In my custom node, I fetch the username and password which I have to pass to a function of node-ansible npm package to initiate an ansible playbook.

Since I have stored the password under credentials, a value required: true is getting passed instead of the actual password.

Is there any way I can pass the decrypted value of the password?

It was a silly error on my end.

At first, I had given a value to the password field.

While testing the node I cut-pasted the values from the password text field. So then the value of the text field changed to required: true (I guess because it was under credential) and as I was using the same instance of the node I didn't realise that such a thing could happen.

Got to know about it from reading this:

The required: true is a display feature in the Node-RED editor and is not part of the actual credential value. When a value is pasted into the credential field, Node-RED sets required: true to indicate that a value has been set for the field, even though it is not visible. This is just a visual indication that the field has value and it does not affect the functionality or security of the credential.

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