Password problem

I just installed nodered on a fresh Raspberry Pi. During installation, I was asked to enter a password - twice. I know what I entered, I use the same password for a number of applications (I know I shouldn't) but now when I go to http://server:1880/ it says login failed.

There's no "forgot password"-function - so, how do I change it?

How did you install it? None of our standard install methods set up security for you - you have to do it manually by editing you settings file and configuring the adminAuth property.

Though you would probably be asked for your password for your pi login in order to install the software. You should be able tell when you are being asked to create a password rather than enter an existing one as the text asking for it should indicate that. Also when creating a new one you should be asked to enter it twice in succession in order to check for typos.

I used Peter Scargill's "The Script" as promoted by Andreas Spiess.

Anyway, is there anything I can do, or is it a lost case?

I don't know the details of Peter's script as it isn't the install method we support in the project itself -

However, if it has tried to do something to setup adminAuth for you, then you can edit your node-red settings file (~/.node-red/settings.js by default, unless Peter's script does something else), find the adminAuth section and change the password according to our documentation:

Did you ask Peter about this?

No, I used the exact same script on another Pi the day before without problems.

Does that one ask you for a password when you access it?

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If you used the exact same script on another pi, you must have changed an option when running the script that executed part of the script differently.