Password protect Node-red

I try to password protect my Node-Red site.
I tried to follow the instructions on the node-red site.
This is what I did:
I changed the .node-red/settings.js file like this:
adminAuth: {
type: "credentials",
users: [{
username: "lodv",
password: "$2a$08$G6Zv96yYwIBOBmhO2GFgsegX3MedzRKdkfiZVO5shiBdHj.AzZ2fi",
permissions: "*"
As you can see I generated a new password with the password generator.
I rebooted Raspberry Pi.

When I open my I get the login screen, but I keep getting Login failed!
I made a printscreen!
Node-Red login

I hope you can give me some advise.
Thank you.

That looks like an encrypted password. You should be able to login with the password you entered while encrypting it.

Now I understand.
Thank you so much Bakman.
It works.



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